Ratings + Environmental Assessment Methods

We have an unmatched reputation for providing sustainable buildings and offer certification of the following accredited 3rd party rating systems as frameworks for developing and operating sustainable buildings.

Green Star

We have achieved more 6 Star Green Star rated buildings than any other consultancy in Victoria with more than half of those currently completed and over 340 Stars overall across Australia.

We have the expertise to provide design advice and proven robust pathways across all Green Star tools including:

  • Design and As-Built (new)
  • The Legacy Tools (Offices, Healthcare, Education, Retail etc.)
  • Green Star Performance (new)
  • Interiors
  • Communities (new)

171-Collins atrium 1

171 Collins Street Achieved a 6 Star Green Star Offices v2 Design and As-Built Rating ▲


NABERS is an effective tool for measuring the actual performance of buildings in terms of energy, water, waste and indoor environment quality (IEQ).

We have significant experience at carrying out NABERS ratings on existing buildings and designing/tuning buildings to achieve and exceed targeted ratings.

Please refer to our Performance page for further detail.

Dandenong C2

Government Services Offices in Dandenong achieved a 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating


Passivhaus is a world leading German energy efficiency standard that can be applied to all buildings.

A Passivhaus building provides exceptional indoor air quality and results in minimal energy consumption.

Umow Lai is a Passivhaus leader in Australia and is involved in several Passivhaus projects including a school in Jakarta.

Passivhaus (1)

Passivhaus buildings require detailed consideration of the thermal envelope ▲


LEED is the environmental rating system developed in the USA. It is renown worldwide and is often implemented in Australia for international creditability and a widely recognised equivalent to Green Star.

Umow Lai has LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) and experience at delivering LEED projects in Australia.

Pixel Facade

The Pixel building achieved the world’s highest LEED Rating with a maximum score


NatHERS is the Nationwide House Energy Rating System and awards up to 10 Stars for residences as part of the NCC compliance process.

Umow Lai has in house FirstRate accredited professionals who can provide NatHERS ratings and advice across our offices.

35 Spring Street

All apartments within 35 Spring Street have been certified with FirstRate▲

Life Cycle Assessment

Umow Lai are early adopters of Life Cycle Design and Assessment where we analyse embodied carbon emissions associated with the life cycle of new and existing buildings including transport, operation maintenance, materials and demolition.

This service can gain credits in the Green Star rating system but is also a powerful tool for analysing whole building carbon footprints.


A full building LCA was completed for the University of Melbourne Faculty of Architecture▲


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