Our Sustainability Team offers experience and expertise in the early stages of projects including Masterplanning and in writing Sustainability Management Plans for town planning applications.

At Umow Lai we have a team of industry experts who can:

  • Develop future proofed masterplans for precincts, towns or cities
  • Provide Sustainability Management Plans for town planning
  • Develop strategies for meeting town planning requirements
  • Act as advisors on sustainability goals and policies
  • Conduct cost benefit analysis of sustainability measures


We have significant experience at developing sustainable strategies for new masterplans as well as redevelopments.

Our experience includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Strategy development
  • Capacity building
  • Future proofing
  • District energy networks
  • Precinct water solutions

IMG_5794Southbank Cultural Precinct Redevelopment

Sustainability Management Plans and Strategy

We can provide high quality and succinct Sustainability Management Plans (SMPs) for projects seeking to apply for town planning of all sizes.

We have significant experience negotiating with town planners and have various strategies for meeting all sustainability criteria with cost effective and robust design solutions.

35 Spring Street35 Spring Street, Melbourne


We have the experience to act as advisors to clients looking to formulate effective sustainability targets and put in place effectual frameworks for future development.

Through our integrated approach with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, fire and ICT engineers we are best placed to provide advice on technical details of building policy whilst also possessing a comprehensive understanding of wider sustainability targets and initiatives.

Bendigo Health Masterplan & Feasibility StudyBendigo Hospital Masterplan▲


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