Hydraulic and Water Management Services

Umow Lai has developed Cold and Hot Water supplies, Sewer Drainage and Water Management strategies that include water harvesting, treatment and recycling of grey and black water for toilet flushing and/or landscape irrigation.

Our commitment to sustainability principles includes the “Waste to Energy’ initiatives where our engineers will investigate the viability of biomass fuel systems that convert waste to fuel for power generation systems.

Hydraulic Services Expertise

  • Liaison with Service Authorities
  • Site and Campus Infrastructure
  • Property Sewer Drainage
  • Sanitary Plumbing Installations
  • Trade Waste Drainage and Treatment Apparatus
  • Domestic Heated Water Services
  • Hot Water Generation Systems
  • Roof Drainage, Balcony Drainage and Terrace Drainage
  • Conventional and Siphonic Downpipe Systems
  • Property Storm Water Drainage to Legal Point of Discharge
  • Sub-Soil and Under Floor Seepage Drainage
  • Services Metering Systems and Leak Control
  • Pump Systems
  • Hydraulic Services Noise Control
  • Advice on the sizing of Roof Gutters and Sumps for Rainwater Design

Water Management Expertise

  • Environmental Hydraulic Services Building Audits and Assessment
  • Water Efficient Fixtures and Tap Outlets
  • Grey and Black Water Treatment and Recycling
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Rainwater / Storm Water Harvesting Collection Systems
  • Recycled Water Systems
  • Storm Water Analysis, Treatment and Pollution Reduction
  • Solar and Energy Efficient Hot Water Generation
  • Sustainable Material Selection
  • Advice on Legislative and Regulation Matters
  • Seasonal Water balance forecasting
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