Fire Services

Fire Services within Umow Lai encompasses the design of conventional Fire Suppression and Detection systems, including sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire hydrants and hose-reels and multi point aspirating smoke detection systems for highly sensitive and critical equipment rooms.

Collaboration with our Fire Safety Engineers provides a good awareness of performance based designs and the importance of high reliability of fire systems.

Our Fire Services Engineers have expertise in all types of buildings including schools, high rise commercial towers, maximum security prisons, hospitals, research facilities and complex data and telephone exchanges.

Areas of Expertise

  • Site and Campus Infrastructure, including ring main systems
  • Interfaces with Building Management Systems
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS)
  • Building Occupant Warning System
  • Fire Alarm and Detection
  • Fire Hydrants and Hose-reels
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Mode Control
  • Gaseous Fire Suppression
  • Multi-Point Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Peer Review
  • Value Management
  • Construction Services

Umow Lai can work with our clients and contractors to undertake peer reviews of designs. We can assist in value engineering to ensure the most effective design whilst remaining compliant with the design brief. We work with contractors during the tendering phase to enable them to achieve targeted pricing.

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