Construction Services

At the construction stage Umow Lai can offer a multitude of services to Contractors, Clients and Developers that are proven to add value to projects and improve sustainability outcomes.

Our services available in construction include:

  • Providing expert value management advice on designs and sustainability strategies devised by other consultants
  • Managing documentation tracking for environmental assessments such as Green Star
  • Supervising construction work to ensure design intent is achieved.

Value Management

At the construction stage Umow Lai have experience in the role of value management whereby we can:

  • Review designs by others
  • Identify over-design
  • Propose alternative design solutions
  • Reduce costs

Whilst still ensuring a high performance sustainable building can be delivered in accordance with the brief.


150 Collins Street – New Westpac Headquarters, Melbourne▲

Documentation Tracking

We also have the expertise to manage the construction and as-built documentation for environmental assessments such as Green Star.

The complexity of this work is often overlooked and on complex projects our experience with Green Star can prove to be invaluable and streamline the construction process.

ACU Daniel Mannix

ACU Daniel Mannix Building ▲

Construction Review

Umow Lai also offers Construction Site services to our clients where an Umow Lai representative regularly attends site to proactively identify and mitigate issues with the contractor and ensure the construction is as per the design documentation.

This relationship has been built upon and established for several years and is a key service delivery differentiator for Umow Lai.

35 Spring Street Construction

35 Spring Street Construction Site ▲