Umow Lai has the expertise and experience to deliver a range of masterplanning advice including urban environments, universities, healthcare and major buildings or portfolios. 

Urban Environments

The development of urban environments within cities requires significant collaboration across design teams. Umow Lai are experienced with providing high level advice from the conceptual stages of projects.

 IMG_5794Southbank Cultural Precinct Redevelopment ▲

Tertiary Precincts

Umow Lai can conduct campus wide assessments and analysis for new and existing sites, working with several major Universities to deliver world leading campus facilities.

 Macquarie University CampusUniversity of Macquarie, Sydney – Campus Wide Energy Audit and Implementation Plan ▲

Major Buildings

Umow Lai can provide technical guidance towards the design, maintenance, refurbishment and extension of major buildings and portfolios.

We can also deliver detailed reviews of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, ICT and fire infrastructure.

MCGMelbourne Cricket Ground – Electrical Masterplan ▲

Healthcare Developments

We have significant experience in the healthcare sector and can provide expert consultancy at the masterplan stages for new and existing hospital and aged care projects.

 Bendigo Health Masterplan & Feasibility StudyBendigo Hospital Masterplan ▲

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