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Matthew Webb

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Investing in our Future – Interview with Matthew Webb, AIRAH 2014 Student of the Year

Biomimicry, from Greek "bios" (meaning life) and "mimesis" (to imitate) is innovation inspired by nature. It offers designers - in all fields of human endeavour - innovation opportunities to develop new products, processes and systems in a more sustainable way. Matt is a sustainability consultant at Umow Lai who specialises in the detailed analysis of [...]

Umow Lai’s Matthew Webb wins Student of the Year Award

We congratulate Matthew, a biomimicry expert, based in our Melbourne office, for being named AIRAH Student of the Year. AIRAH CEO Phil Wilkinson, M.AIRAH, also  congratulated Matthew and the seven other Award winners.  “Recognising these achievements falls into AIRAH’s remit of promoting and leading the HVAC&R industry towards best practice.” The Award sponsors were Heatcraft [...]

Umow Lai’s Matt Webb Featured in Ecolibrium: Problem Solver

PhD Student and Umow Lai consultant Matthew Webb, M.AIRAH, is a finalist in the coming AIRAH Awards 2014.   Read the full Ecolibrium Member Profile.