Umow Lai were proud to work with Spowers Architects and APP to achieve Practical Completion of RMIT’s School of Media and Communications Project in just 63 days.

The Project involved decanting 2024m² from an existing building at the end of its lease into four buildings of best fit within the School’s existing, more consolidated facilities.

The spaces included creating new photography studios, digital design studios, secure equipment storage areas and integrating additional staff into existing office spaces. The projects were required to be completed with minimal disruption to University staff and teaching programs and with consideration of emerging technology in a rapidly advancing field.

Umow Lai’s role involved developing a user brief and requirements within a short time frame in conjunction with Spowers Architects, promptly documenting the designs suitable for Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) tender, and assisting with construction phase services to ensure the design intent and user requirements were maintained throughout a short construction program over the Christmas shut down period for RMIT.

The project was constructed by Brookfield Multiplex and has been handed over to the satisfaction of RMIT University.

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