Project Description

Location: 10 Yarra Street, Melbourne
Base Building Architect: Architectus 
Fit-Out Architect: Designinc, Kyle Design
Ratings: 6 Star Green Star Interiors v1.1
Size: 1256 sqm

Umow Lai practices what it preaches. Our tenancy in South Yarra is the first in Victoria, and amongst the first two in Australia, to achieve a 6 Star Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1 Certified Rating, which represents “World Leader” in environmentally sustainable design and construction.

The tenancy, which has delivered a 13 per cent improvement in productivity, incorporates a number of innovative design features and cutting-edge building services technologies. These technologies include:

  • Phase change material
  • Efficient, low flush taps, showers, toilet pans, urinals to reduce water consumption
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Innovative lighting design and control systems
  • Openable windows
  • Access to large balconies
  • Metering system that continuously records and provides feedback
  • Careful selection of materials with low VOC and formaldehyde content

In an Australian first, five bio-filtration walls, designed by Umow Lai, were installed throughout the office. The biofiltration walls act as natural biological filters, removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, resulting in a fresh and healthy working environment.