Project Description

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Architects: ARM Architecture + Cunningham Martyn + Lovell Chen + Rush Wright

Umow Lai has provided the highest quality level of engineering building services in order to meet the challenges encountered as part of the Stage 2 Redevelopment of one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings, the Shrine of Remembrance. It was officially unveiled on 11 November 2014.

The design by ARM architects, includes redevelopment of the existing central undercroft and construction of a new southern undercroft to provide new educational facilities with a dedicated student access courtyard, a theatrette, loading area and expanded display spaces. These spaces have been extended, including the Devanha Gallipoli Boat in the undercroft.

Patrick Elliott, a director of Umow Lai who heads the firm’s team, says:

Because of its underground location, we had to overcome some very specific challenges and our mechanical engineers, in particular, were able to bring an exemplary level of expertise to the task.

He noted that another challenge was providing the stringent temperature and humidity requirements for the Devanha Gallipoli Boat that is on loan from the National War Memorial.

We liaised closely with the boats owners and the exhibition consultants, to make sure that appropriate conditions have been provided.

The original Shrine Masterplan was prepared by ARM Architecture with Cunningham Martyn (exhibition design), Lovell Chen (Heritage architects) and Rush Wright (Landscape architects) and Umow Lai, who is a member of the project team managed by Major Projects Victoria, has worked closely with all those involved in the Stage 2 Redevelopment.

Winner, S4B Studio Award for Best Heritage Development – Property Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Awards 2016.

Finalist: Kone Award for Innovation, 2015 PCA/ RLB Innovation and Excellence Awards