Project Description

Location: 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Client: Grocon
Ratings: 6 Star Green Star Office v3.0 Design and As-Built, Committed to 6 Star NABERS Energy and Water ratings

Umow Lai were the services consultant for Legion House, and were responsible for the full design of the Mechanical, Electrical (including security and communications), Vertical Transportation, Hydraulics and Sustainability. The building has achieved a 6 star Greenstar Office V3 rating and has been designed to achieve an As-built rating and NABERS 6 star Energy and Water ratings and be carbon neutral.

The building is 5 storey’s in height and is located in the CBD. The building is not only overshadowed by adjacent buildings so that sun light cannot be harvested for solar energy, wind is also blocked from these buildings so there is reduced ability to install turbines to produce wind energy. This being the case, a sustainable energy source from other means is required in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

The building is disconnected from the grid, all power being produced on site. This power is produced using the energy supplied from gasification of woodchips and compressed recycled paper pellets (a sustainable fuel source). This has the challenges of delivery of the materials to the building and also connection to the main adjacent building on site (161 Castlereagh Street) in terms of power being fed to this main building.

Other challenges included providing mechanical services into a heritage listed building with minimal impact to the ceilings, providing vacuum toilets to reduce water consumption (and ultimately provide a water balance in the building) and incorporating services into an existing building so that the nett lettable area is not compromised.