Project Description

Location: Brighton Campus, VIC
Architect: ARM Architects

Firbank Grammar’s new ‘other-worldly’ Learning Hub

Umow Lai’s ability to provide a range of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services that are integral but largely hidden, are some of the core components that will make the new Learning Hub at Firbank Grammar School’s Brighton Campus a place to meet the needs of 21st century students.

Described by ARM Architects as “an exquisite other-worldly object that looks like a vessel from outer space, with its green base panels glowing gently on his carpet,” the striking looking building appears like a green, mirror-finished semi orb structure. In reality, it is a gathering point and break out space for the senior school students’ kitchen.

The $2.83 million Learning Hub, the first of a two stage upgrade for Firbank, involves the addition of an upper storey to existing library, refurbishment of the ground floor and fit our of the new upper floor that together create the new Learning Hub. Teaching spaces have been designed to be flexible in order to allow for a range of different learning experiences. Three existing classrooms in the adjacent Moores Building are also being refurbished and upgraded.

Umow Lai has been engaged by Firbank Grammar and is working closely with ARM and other project team members on both stages of this project.

Photo credit: John van Gemert, ARM Architects