Project Description

Project Name: Ernest Rutherford Building
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Value: $220 million

In collaboration with: Cosgroves

Umow Lai entered into a joint venture arrangement with Cosgroves, a Christchurch-based building services engineering consultancy, to deliver the Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RRSIC) project. The Umow Lai-Cosgroves team was successful against strong competition from a number of multinational design firms.

The development comprises of two stages, the first being the $200m+ Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre, the Undergraduate Teaching Hub, completed April, 2017. Phase 2 of the project, the Postgraduate and Staff Research Hub, is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2019.

The RRSIC comprises of:

  • An undergraduate teaching hub with a range of physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology and other science laboratories and flat-floor technology
  • A postgraduate and departmental hub adjacent to the undergraduate teaching hub designed to co-locate academic staff and their postgraduate students with their research laboratories.
  • Specialist research facilities including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR’s), X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy.

The project was benchmarked against the NZGBC Green Star Education Tool, targeting 5 stars, although it will not be formally certified.

The Umow Lai/Cosgroves joint venture was responsible for providing Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics, Vertical Transportation, Sustainability, Acoustics, ICT, Security and Dangerous Goods services.