Newly appointed Umow Lai Associate Director Hugh Wilson has a particular interest in the design and coordination of projects that include a strong HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning component.

“I like providing solutions to challenging and unique problems that clients find themselves confronted with,” the Sydney-based Mechanical engineer explains.

“For one of our current projects at 8-12 University Avenue for Macquarie University, I’m designing laboratories for an as-yet unknown tenant, so the space has to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any potential clients,” Hugh says.

“They may for instance, want PC1, PC2 or even PC3 areas, with or without fume cupboards, yet at this stage, we don’t have a clear indication of what type of tenants they will be and what they will need. It’s a part of the job I like – creating practical and (hopefully) elegant solutions for clients who have interesting and unique challenges.”

Are there many other building engineers like Adriaan Window? A Mechanical and Space Engineer, he holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Aerospace Engineering and is currently completing a Master in Economics degree at the University of Queensland.

As part of his economics studies, Adriaan is currently performing research to quantify the total social and environmental cost-benefit of sustainable building design. “Economics is at the heart of what drives industry and I want to be able to help industry understand the true holistic benefits of embracing certified sustainable design – or conversely, help them realise the real opportunity cost of ignoring sustainability,” he says.

Adriaan explains that throughout his career, his experience in aerothermodynamics has been put to good use simulating air movement in and around buildings to address problems such as pedestrian comfort, car park ventilation compliance, vapour plumes from hazardous spills, dispersion of carcinogenic substances and mitigation through design of tobacco smoke exhalation on nearby non-smokers.

Among the projects that Adriaan is currently working on are corporate fitouts for Stockland and Aurizon, both targeting Green Star Interiors ratings to promote positive environmental and wellness outcomes, as well as the Chermside Library and North Regional Business centre.

An experienced Hydraulic Engineer, Chris Frangos chose to broaden his skill set by adding qualifications in Illumination “so I can use some artistic flare in my design” and in Management: “I wanted to be a better communicator and people person,” he explains.

The 25-year industry veteran is based in Umow Lai’s Brisbane office however, works on projects that are across Australia.

“I’m involved in expanding the design components for Deakin University project and working with the construction phase team from the Melbourne office.

In an effort to keep fit, Chris has recently taken up boxing.

Associate Chris Anderson’s career in the construction industry began in the UK 15 years ago. Since relocating to Brisbane in 2006 and joining Umow Lai in 2014 and he has been engaged on a number of significant projects, particularly within the healthcare and defence sectors.

“As a results-driven person, being able to understand what it takes to deliver a successful project on time and budget are aspects of the job that I really enjoy,” he says.

“I’m currently working on the Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton, infamously where the bush ballad was made. The new Centre is a great looking building designed by Cox Architects and it will have some excellent space inside when finished.”

Outside of work, Chris enjoys going to the gym and running around after his five children.

Frazer MacDonald has been appointed as Senior Associate in Umow Lai’s Sydney office.

Since arriving in Australia six years ago, Frazer has successfully integrated his international experience as a fire engineer of world class buildings into projects across Australia and over the past two years, has led Umow Lai’s fire engineering team in Sydney to new heights.

“I’m fortunate to have worked with great people on an exceptional range of projects over the years,” Frazer notes. “Starting as a Graduate in London, I cut my teeth with London Olympic venues, new underground stations and heritage hospitals. The journey has since taken me to Googleplexes, World Cup stadiums and to Australia’s largest and most prestigious entertainment, retail, education and healthcare facilities.”

Umow Lai is a unique proposition, Frazer believes.

“The projects are as big, diverse and innovative as at any point in my career. We are trusted by many of Australia’s largest aviation, education, and entertainment precincts; they value honest, smart, innovative and sustainable design that meets their long term needs.

“For me, we are an optimal size. We have a national reach and a diversity of industry experts, without the barriers of bureaucracy. It has never been easier or more fun delivering a good service. The Directors have a passion for engineering and the staff enjoy being able to contribute to the company. I’m looking forward to contributing even further as a newly promoted Senior Associate.”