We are proud to announce the following promotions

Dionne Haeri – Associate / NSW Fire Engineering Leader

Showcasing her specialist knowledge in Fire Safety Engineering, Dionne’s appointment as Associate and Fire Engineering Leader reflect her commitment to excellence and the Umow Lai team.

Dionne has more than six years’ experience delivering performance-based design solutions for major projects in the Aviation, Education, Healthcare, Commercial and Retail market sectors.

We are thrilled to welcome Dionne into her new role and look forward to her continuing excellence in leading the Fire Engineering team in New South Wales.



Ryan Mc Erlain – Associate

His experience in delivering large projects successfully for the Umow Lai team has earned Ryan his promotion to Associate. As a NSW Fire Safety Practitioner, Ryan continues to expand his knowledge and skills across a range of sectors, quickly becoming an asset to Umow Lai through his valuable experience with upgrading and retrofitting buildings in addition to new building projects to meet current fire safety codes.

Ryan’s advancement recognises his determination to deliver excellence for his clients, continually to delivering high-quality outcomes on behalf of the entire Umow Lai team.



David Arnott – Associate

David’s promotion to Associate acknowledges his commitment to Umow Lai and engineering sustainable environments. Recently becoming a certified Passive House Designer, David is a hugely important member of the New South Wales Sustainability team. With a strong passion for building physics and high-performance buildings, his communication and leadership skills have enabled him to lead a variety of complex projects, navigating delicate problems to find best practise and mutually beneficial solutions.

We congratulate David on his recent certification in Passive house and appointment at Umow Lai. His promotion strongly reflects his leadership and dedication to sustainability.


Matthew Sykes – Associate

Matt’s promotion to Associate reflects his commitment to sustainability and Umow Lai. With over 14 years of experience with holistic, sustainable design, Matt specialises in delivering innovative and cost-effective design solutions that meet the highest local and international sustainability benchmarks.

Umow Lai congratulates Matt on his advancement; we are looking forward to seeing more of his achievements in the ESD discipline.



Brenden McGrath – Associate

An experienced design leader and electrical engineer, Brendan’s advancement to Associate at Umow Lai recognise his sustained commitment to engineering effective solutions. With multi-discipline experience, Brendan has swiftly proved himself an invaluable member of the Umow Lai team.

We are excited to see Brendan continue to advance within the Umow Lai team and wish him success in his new role.




David Vuong – Senior Mechanical Engineer

David’s promotion recognises his efforts in proactively understanding the needs of his clients and their projects. By thinking outside the box, David demonstrates excellence and ingenuity on behalf of the Umow Lai team. With over 6 years of mechanical engineering experience, he has a breadth of knowledge across different sectors and project sizes.

David’s progression within the Mechanical team shows his dedication to successful engineering solutions, and we are looking forward to David’s continued career with Umow Lai.



Ken Wang – Senior Mechanical Engineer

Since joining Umow Lai’s mechanical engineering team, Ken has earned his promotion to Senior Mechanical Engineer through his strong delivery and coordination of projects and his commitment to being a valued member of the team. His skills in communication with project stakeholders ensure the most innovative and best value outcomes for all his projects.
We are thrilled to welcome Ken into his new role and continue to provide opportunities for his career advancement.




Habib Skaf – Senior Electrical Engineer

Habib’s enthusiasm, motivation and drive have earned him his promotion to Senior Engineer at Umow Lai. He is a team player with experience across a range of project types which he employs on every one of his projects successfully contributing to the project and organisations goals.

We are thrilled to have Habib move into a senior role within the Electrical team and wish him success in his new role.




Wilson Ly – Senior Hydraulic Engineer

His commitment to finding the most appropriate hydraulic solution and his dedication to learning and challenging himself has earned Wilson his new role as Senior Engineer. His 8 years of experience in the building services industry across multiple states gives Wilson a valued perspective on projects. He is an integral member of the Umow Lai Future Leaders team and is consistently supports his colleagues to achieve their best possible outcomes.

Umow Lai looks forward to continuing their support of Wilson’s Engineering career and are eager to see his progression in his new position.



Andrew Thompson – Senior Fire Engineer

Andrews strong understanding of fire safety engineering and fire protection have cemented him as a valuable senior member of the Fire team. His excellent interpersonal and communication skills are an asset on any project and his aptitude for stakeholder engagement and maintaining relationships are equivalent to his Fire Engineering skills.

Andrew’s advancement is a testament to his hard work and dedication at Umow Lai, and we are excited to be a part of his evolving career.