Umow Lai has aspired to be a leader in providing Security Consulting and Risk Assessment services and for over 15 years has provided unparalleled consulting expertise on projects ranging from small technology reviews to large scale federal projects requiring Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsement. Along with a number of experienced Security Consultants (who all hold an NV-1 Security clearance), Umow Lai has four SCEC Security Zone Consultants who have to meet the high level of integrity, honesty and confidentiality required of personnel working with and on behalf of the Australian Government.

Umow Lai is proud to congratulate Shawn Schriner, who has just achieved his SCEC Security Zone Consultant endorsement. He joins John Avramiotis, David Novak and Roshan John as essential members of the Justice and Government security team.

SCEC is an interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment used by all Australian Government Departments and Agencies. Throughout their engagement in a project, security consultants are bound to develop a strong understanding of the security of the premises and the security arrangement of the engaging agency. It is important that SCEC select trustworthy applicants to endorse, giving clients designing and constructing health, justice, corrections and government buildings the confidence that their building’s security is of the highest calibre.

Our Security advisors are committed to providing clients with independent, unbiased advice and design solutions based on the most appropriate and cost-effective systems. They understand the importance of designing out possible vulnerabilities, minimising a building’s reliance on electronic security devices and technology while still incorporating the latest in technological advancements which improve the overall performance of the security systems. Utilising the architectural principle of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), there is consideration placed on natural surveillance, natural access control, natural territorial enforcement and regular ongoing maintenance.

Umow Lai sees continued growth in the securities sector, and it is an exciting time for the team as we expand our skills and knowledge through accreditations such as the SCEC Security Zone Consultant Endorsement.

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