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Helium Ion Microscope Lab at University of Melbourne Approved

Today final approval was received from Zeiss for University of Melbourne’s Helium Ion Microscope Lab. Zeiss is a leading international group of companies operating in the biosciences and medical technology space. The lab was designed specifically to accommodate Zeiss’ Orion NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope, which is the only system in the world of its kind, [...]

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Digby Hall on ABW: Hmm, a new form of discrimination?

Contributor: Digby Hall, Principal Sustainability Consultant If you’re a parent who drops the kids off at school in the morning then you’ve already lost out – by the time you make it into the office all the best spots are taken and you’re left to choose from the least favourable seats, those you wouldn’t normally [...]

Don’t Let Your Luck Run Out On Fire Safety

Contributor: Dr Weng Poh, Associate Director We should not be relying on luck when it comes to fire safety; we should be relying on strict regulatory control and good engineering. The Building Code of Australia, much of which deals with fire safety, can be traced back to the Great Fire of London, when a small [...]

Energy Efficiency? We get it. What about Real Sustainability?

Contributor: Digby Hall, Principal Sustainability Consultant After all these years I still get that little shiver of anticipation when I receive a request for a tender proposal titled “sustainability” or “ESD” – that’s my thing, my passion, my business, and I know I’m good at it. Yet, with unfortunate and increasing regularity (you’d have to [...]

Resilience: It’s not Just About Physical Strength

Contributor: Digby Hall, Principal Sustainability Consultant Before ‘resilience’ becomes just a new term for disaster preparedness the same way that ‘sustainability’ has become a front for good energy management, let’s take a short run through the software side of community resilience. A common thread found in resilience theory is that of community strength. A community's [...]

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Pressure Mounts to Reform Fire Safety

Pressure is mounting to reform regulation of fire safety in the wake of a fire at the Lacrosse Apartments in Victoria’s Docklands last November. The Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) has called for the state coroner to launch an enquiry into the use of non-compliant external cladding and the Victorian Building Authority’s (VBA) role in the regulation of the building [...]

Inside Story

The Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating tool has undergone a number of recent changes – none more controversial, perhaps, than the deletion of the air-change effectiveness credit, IEQ-2. Sean McGowan talks about the impact of these changes on computational fluid dynamics with NDY senior sustainability consultant Richard Jelbert; Simultude’s Dr Colin Allison, M.AIRAH; Cundall director Caimin McCabe, [...]

Umow Lai named one of top three Green Star leaders in 2014

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) named Umow Lai among their top three Leadership Consultancies for Green Star certifications in Australia in 2014. Shane Esmore, Umow Lai Director and Head of Sustainability, had the following to say about the achievement: We strive to provide leadership and innovation in the industry and being at the [...]