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Australian Engineers in the limelight at International Fire Protection Conference

Australia was one the first countries in the world to adopt the performance-based fire engineering approach to building fire safety. And now, 25 years later, this fire engineering discipline has reached maturity and Australia remains as the top nation in the world in the application of fire safety engineering technology. These capabilities foster ongoing research [...]

Cabrini Brighton builds new facility to house State-of- the -Art MRI Machine

Cabrini Brighton builds a brand new facility to house state-of-the art MRI machine Healthcare providers around the world are under pressure as to how best manage two seemingly contradictory forces: delivering the highest quality care with an ever-decreasing budget, whilst servicing an ever-increasing number of MRI scans. Cabrini Brighton has sought to resolve these dilemmas [...]

25 years on, Umow Lai’s still going strong

Twenty five years ago, George Umow and Dominic Lai came together and set up an independent, engineering consultancy business. They worked out of a small rented office on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD with seven people; three of whom are integral members of the company today. Over the intervening years, Umow Lai has expanded into [...]

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Compliance is Blind, But Your Building Solutions Needn’t Be

Contributor: Dr Weng Poh, National Technical Director, Fire Engineering at Umow Lai and National President of the Society of Fire Safety. Quite some time ago, I was called to a crisis meeting where a retail tenancy was refused occupancy permit in the eleventh hour of its scheduled opening. The culprit was some timber lining on a [...]

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Fast Five with…

  Our newest staff members answer five questions so that you can get to know them a little better.    Pablo Almendras, Senior Electrical Engineer   Sashi Yarramsetti, Mechanical Engineer   Joe Abraham, Fire Safety Consultant

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Stop Fire Spreading Up, Up and Away

Contributor: Dr Weng Poh, Associate Director and Principal Fire Engineer at Umow Lai and National President of the Society of Fire Safety. Three and a half centuries ago, during the wee hours of a dry hot day in September 1666, a small fire started at a bakery on Pudding Lane in London. Attempts to extinguish [...]

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24 Years in the Making: Meeting Milestones in 2015

In 24 years of evolution as an engineering firm the team at Umow Lai has worked tirelessly to build an  impeccable reputation based on innovative and adaptive problem solving, alternative design solutions and value adding by integrating new and emerging technologies. Since inception from the humble beginnings of 7 staff in Melbourne in 1991, our [...]

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The Dilemma of Fire Evacuation for Modern High-rises

The deployment of effective methods for the evacuation of high-rise buildings is an issue of increasing concern for both the developers and denizens of Australia’s urban environments – particularly given projected population gains and attendant increases in the density and building heights of city centres. The importance of evacuation measures for high rise buildings was [...]

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