Understanding Public Private Partnerships in Australia

Over the years, Umow Lai, a member of Integral Group, has developed an integrated approach and delivery of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Australia, specializing in healthcare facility projects. Read Elizabeth Coe's take on the PPP process and why having an experienced team is essential for success. The Devil is in the Details - Unpacking [...]

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Meet Sydney Sustainability Consultant, Melissa Nouel

Sustainability Consultant Melissa Nouel in Sydney discusses why she made a career switch from architecture, the importance of the building life cycle and trends she hopes to see in green building. Why are you so passionate about working in sustainability? My interest in sustainability started in 2010 during the BP oil spill in the [...]

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Shining the spotlight on Specialist Lighting

Specialist lighting design might sound like a luxury service, but as technology advances and buildings get smarter, it is quickly becoming an essential element of integrated design. We are passionate about lighting spaces in ways which enhance the architectural design and the occupant? experience, as well as designing with sustainability and energy efficiency at [...]

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Q&A with our new Victorian State Manager

Senior Associate and ICT Consultant Simon Umow has proudly worked at Umow Lai for over 18 years. He has recently been promoted to the Victorian State Manager and spoke to us about what this means and what he has planned for the future. Congratulations on your promotion! What does this new role mean for [...]

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Senior Hydraulic Engineer, Wilson Ly accepted to participate in the PCAs Victorian Mentoring Program for 2020

Congratulations to Umow Lai part of Integral Group Senior Hydraulic Engineer, Wilson Ly, who has been accepted to participate in the Property Council Australia’s (PCA’s) Victorian Mentoring Program for 2020. Wilson’s success in getting a place at the popular program comes as no surprise to his colleagues. He has demonstrated strong leadership potential at [...]

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A letter from the ANZ Managing Director

On 1 July 2019 we announced that Umow Lai joined Integral Group. This union was founded on a shared commitment to innovation and quality, client service and our passion for protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy. Since then the two businesses have been successfully integrating and we have joint teams working on [...]

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The Sydney Landscape with Associate Director Hugh Wilson

Q:  Hugh, you recently won a project with Sydney Airport – can you tell us a little bit about that and what that project means from Umow Lai’s perspective? A:  This is a really exciting step in our relationship with both Sydney Airport Design Inc (Architect) which has been gaining momentum through hard work [...]

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Biomimicry: Sustainable design solutions borrowed from life and nature

At the 2019 TEMC Conference in Adelaide, Senior Sustainability Consultant and PHD recipient, Matt Webb will be giving his presentation on Biomimicry – it’s Benefits and Barriers. But what is Biomimicry, and how can it be integrated into sustainable building design? Quite simply put, Biomimicry is “looking to nature for inspiration for new innovations” [...]

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Automated Waste Collection in a Smart City

Forgetting which bin to put on the curb each week could be a problem of the past in Maroochydore, QLD. Umow Lai has been working with Envac and Sunshine Coast Council on an automated waste collection system (AWCS) which will revolutionise the way the Sunshine Coast Council manages their waste collection to commercial and [...]

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