The recent refurbishment at the Caloundra Health Service (CHS) has generated a transformation into the reputable primary care network of facilities for the Sunshine Coast Community.

The Caloundra Health Service (CHS) contributes to this network of facilities encompassed within the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS), located on the southern end of the SCHHS region.

The Sunshine Coast Hospital opened in March 2017, offering a change in Health Service for the newly refurbished Caloundra Hospital in late 2018; a hub for health services including palliative care, urgent care, ophthalmology, and a range of outpatient, ambulatory and community-based services.

The CHS refurbishment is unlike a typical clinical hospital with its homely Palliative Care patient rooms and connections to nature through a major central courtyard. The refurbishment comes at an optimal time to cater for the population growth in the area, as the Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland – expected to grow by 35 per cent from 2015 to 2031.

According to the Queensland Government, the Caloundra Health Centre will support the SCHHS in meeting the increased service demand, with the number of bed alternatives at CHS increasing from 31 in 2017 to 43 following redevelopments.

Whilst meeting the growing health demands of the region, the redevelopment of Caloundra Health Service has been significantly upgraded with the focus on patient outlook, patient and family break out space and privacy and community functions for the hospital.

Umow Lai performed a range of engineering activities and services on the $9.9 million redevelopment project, delivering a number of disciplines under exacting specifications, including Mechanical/Electrical and Specialist Lighting, ICT, Fire Detection and Hydraulics.

Further to Umow Lai’s contribution of services, key engineering design elements delivered in collaboration with PDT Architects and SCHHS include 100% LED luminaires with DALI automatic lighting control, Medical Electrical Installation to Body Protected Spaces, Mechanical Energy Efficient System and upgrade to Communications Systems, including Nurse Call & Security.

The wider team worked on various lighting concepts within the palliative care bedrooms, aiming to achieve a “home like” ambience within this particular department of the centre.

The CHS continues to play an essential role in providing important health services as part of the SCHHS, and to the local community including a Minor Injury and Illness Clinic, designed to treat patients whose needs are non-life threatening.

As we see a growth in demand in the health care sector across the Sunshine Coast, the CHS forms an important role as the primary point for the SCHHS’s palliative care and ophthalmology services, continuing to provide ambulatory care, renal, oral health and community services for residents of Caloundra and surrounds.