The newly rebuilt Waltzing Matilda Centre was unveiled in an official opening ceremony earlier this year, situated in the Western Queensland town of Winton.

The event, which was marked with the ‘Way Out West’ Festival, saw the centre reopen with music and celebration after the devastation of fire damage in 2015.

Umow Lai is proud to share their involvement in the $22 million project, providing a range of services for the new museum that showcases interactive displays and art interpretation.

Under the leadership of Winton Shire Council, Umow Lai thrived on strong collaboration with the project team, in asserting their technical expertise and technology to create a resourceful and experiential experience for the public.

“Umow Lai is excited and honoured to partake in the redevelopment and opening of such an iconic and robust Australian facility. We worked closely with Winton Shire Council to ensure that the Centre captured our distinctive Australian landscape, through experiential design,” Umow Lai Project Leader and Senior Electrical Engineer, John Zunker said.

Together with Brisbane’s Cox Architecture, the centre was designed to reflect the significance of the iconic Australian anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’ by Banjo Patterson, constructed with organic lines and rustic textures.

The development of this multimillion-dollar project saw Umow Lai provide mechanical, electrical, communications, security, audio-visual, fire and hydraulic services.

Emerging once again as the upscale outback destination, the Waltzing Matilda Centre takes on new design and significance, as an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to celebrate Australian history and anthem appreciation.

Architect Casey Vallance, was determined to ensure the spirit and essence of outback culture was accurately portrayed through the architectural design, with a digital twist on all interactive hubs within the gallery.

“The centre is a robust and expressive facility, capturing the distinct nature of the landscape and people that inhabit this great land through its experiential design,” Mr Vallance said.

The Waltzing Matilda Centre tips their hat to the late Mayor “Butch” Lenton, bringing the community closer to the purpose and impact the building has on Australian history.

Umow Lai continue to endorse the project and encourage the community to seek the further discovery, by visiting the newly revamped art and historical establishment.

Photography Credit: Winton Shire Council – Nick McGrath